No. 2 By The Sea Rd,
Mona Vale, NSW 2103.
Tel: 61 + 2 9979 4866
Fax: 61 + 2 9979 4586
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Machine Tool Automation’s GSE Maintenance arm provides scheduled preventative maintenance and unscheduled breakdown repairs on wide range of Ground Support Equipment  This is inclusive of heavy maintenance and rebuilding, and/or in-house factory repairs

MTA has had 20 years of experience at Sydney Airport providing support for machine tools and plant equipment and GSE maintenance , with on-time and well documented maintenance schedules. MTA works within the highest levels of airline and rail security, safety and strict time frame guide lines.
All Technicians have certification in -


  • Confined Space Entry
  • Safely Working at Heights
  • Elevated Work Platform
  • Fluid Power Competence ( Hydraulics )
  • Electrical Connect / Disconnect
  • ASIC Mascot Jet Base
  • Category 2 Authority to Drive Airside ( SACL )
  • ANSTO access clearance.
  • Trades – Engineering & Electrical
  • RISI ( Rail Safety )

Ground Service Equipment Maintenance

MTA offers comprehensive fleet maintenance programs and on-demand repair solutions to keep airline operations running smoothly.
Some of MTA’s current GSE commitments –

  • Aircraft Fixed and Power Operated Dockings
  • Thrust Reverser Opening Hydraulic Pumps
  • Aircraft Engines (T900, RB211 and CF6) Ground Transport Bases and Cradles and Build Stands
  • Aircraft Fluid Dispenser Pumps
  • Aircraft Blast Fences
  • Aircraft Engines Cowl Hydraulic Opening Systems
  • Aircraft Doors Safety Nets
  • Aircraft Fuel Draining Systems
  • Aircraft Mass Air Supply Hoses
  • Hydraulic Jacks
  • Aircraft Cabin Air Hoses
  • Aircraft Waste Mobile Trailers
  • Current Services QJB